Ryq Peden

Illumination through Creation

Artist from Bloomington, Indiana.



In This Style is the main music project of artist and composer Ryq Peden.

Notorious:  the artist that brought a lawsuit against the City of South Bend, Indiana. Never fear, the potential rights violations within the offending busking ordinance were no match for ITS! Free speech doesn't require a permit.

Currently based in Bloomington, IN the band has appeared on compilations and performed throughout the Midwest. We are mixing our debut EP: First Lantern. 

The sound is heavy and psychedelic. Influences range widely from Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath, to Nine Inch Nails and the Mars Volta. We are professionals, but we practice sonic anarchy. We are loud and intense. You can listen for yourself!






"I work with well over 150 bands a year, and I have to say that In The Style are one of the most talented groups that come this way. A great group of individuals who go beyond just "playing" the show. They promote a lot, and it shows. Always a packed house."

- Bill Finn / Finncade Shows



1. Didn't pay Reverbnation to rank us!

2. Promoted shows!

3. Tried to make a funny list of accomplishments!