Ryq Peden

Illumination through Creation

Artist from Bloomington, Indiana.



In This Style is a seven-piece band from the Midwestern United States. 

The sound ranges from haunting to heavy, from punk-influenced to psychedelic. Recommended if you like the Mars Volta, Pink Floyd,  Black Sabbath, Baroness, etc.

They recently released First Lantern  on 10/6 2017 and are currently recording more music and playing shows around the region.


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"I work with well over 150 bands a year, and I have to say that In The Style are one of the most talented groups that come this way. A great group of individuals who go beyond just "playing" the show. They promote a lot, and it shows. Always a packed house."

- Bill Finn / Finncade Shows

"[This band] went after something and they tried to be as original as possible and I really want to encourage bands to be yourself [...] when it comes to creating your form of art, maybe use this band as an earmark to go your own way."

-Tommy Carroll, live on the radio, at WRBR 103.9 The Bear



1. Didn't pay Reverbnation to rank us!

2. Promoted shows!

3. Tried to make a funny list of accomplishments!